Founding Philosophy

세화여자고등학교에 오신것을 환영합니다.

Lacking natural resources, the only way for Korea to survive in the infinite competition of global society is producing intellectuals. We develop the potential abilities of individual students through education, and nurture competent people qualified with intelligence, virtue, and health to contribute to national growth and the prosperity of mankind.
"A Competent intellectual is brought up from a good quality educational environment. Cultivating intellectuals enables our country to become a leading part in the upcoming future. We don't have any particular resources in our country. However, we have wise and diligent people. The economic progress and growth of national power also came from these people. 10 years, 20 years, or maybe 100 years from now, in order to develop continuously and be part of world history as a leading country, we need brilliant citizens. We put emphasis on education to mold students into those great people and established Sehwa to open endless possibilities of success for women.

We need something more than quality education and vain ideals. Modern society is full of things that we have to know and must do. In response to enjoying many benefits of modern life, we need to meet the demands of society. TAEKWANG group and ILJU academy are investing in furnishing up-to-date educational facilities, guaranteeing the best faculties, and repairing former constructions. Moreover, we will focus on self-innovation to become the leader of Korean education."

- From chief director of ILJU academy, Lee Im Yong -

Sehwa's background

Every society has its own goal
no matter what era it is in.
Nowadays, Korea has an assignment
of accomplishing economic development.
The school president Lee Im Yong,
who exerted superb managerial ability in fiber,
electronic technology, and insurance areas,
also took part in this economic growth.
After the oil crisis in the early 1970s,
the president realized our country's
desperate needs for bringing up
intellectuals in the upcoming future
in order to lead the global society.
Therefore, he decided to establish a school
where anyone who has a talentand desire
to learn can enter.
He found it urgent to develop
women's potential abilities
which are dying out due to vestige of a feudal society,
and this led him to establish
Sehwa girls' high school in 1978
with high-tech facilities under the value
of progressive and rational thinking.