Establishment of Sehwa

세화여자고등학교에 오신것을 환영합니다.

In the month of March in 1978, when Sehwa was established, Banpo area had just completed building a large apartment complex so the number of students in town largely increased. Therefore, the expectation of Sehwa’s establishment was big from the local residents. Banpo, where Sehwa is located, became a rising residential area for the emerging middle class with the economic development in the 1970’s. Furthermore, a considerable number of the residents in Banpo area were highly educated so they preferred to send their children to private schools rather than public schools.

An inaugural assembly of the educational foundation Ilju Academy was held on April 15, 1977. Also, on May 6, Sehwa purchased the present school site and this day became the origin of the anniversary of the opening of Sehwa Girls’ High School. On June 11, finally, Sehwa earned permission from the government and the formal action started.

On August 18th, 1977, the groundbreaking of the new construction of the first school building was held with the Chief Director Lee Im Yong, the first principal Song Hak Jun and school executives attending. On December 30th, Sehwa Girls’ High School foundation project was officially authorized with 6 classes per grade, and in February the next year, the school regulations were changed and the number of students increased to form 8 classes per grade. After that, authorization of an increase to 12 classes was granted in January, 1979.

On March 3rd, 1978, the inauguration ceremony and the first entrance ceremony was held at the same time with 488 freshmen, chief director Mr. Lee and his wife, the principal Song Hak Jun, 36 teachers and parents attending.

Greetings from the Chief Director Lee Im Yong at the Inauguration & Entrance Ceremony

For us who have waited and prepared for a long time for the entrance ceremony, it feels so delightful to see everyone brightening up the school grounds which has long been empty and lonesome during the winter.

By entering the school, you have now become part of the life and soul of Sehwa. From now on, every word you speak of and every action you take will become a part of the tradition and history of our school, so I hope you will feel the pride and responsibility of it.

Korea does not have any particular resources. However, there are many wise and diligent people in Korea. The economic growth and extension of national power were possible because the citizens were prudent. From now on, to develop for 10 years, 20 years, or maybe a century, and to become one of the leading countries, we need outstanding human resources. Our school will try its best to make our students become excellent people who can contribute to our nation. Also, we are trying to help girls develop their infinite potentials hidden inside them.

We will build 65 more classrooms hereafter along with an administration building as well. A gymnasium, which can also be used as an auditorium will be completed by October. Lastly, we will try our best with our business management to support the development of Sehwa. Our desire is to make our campus the best in the nation. Thank you.

From chief diretor of Ilju academy, Lee Im Yong -