Principal's greetings

세화여자고등학교에 오신것을 환영합니다.

Welcome to Sehwa Girls’ High School.

Thank you for taking time to visit our website.
Our school was established by the founder of Taekwang Business Group, Mr. Lee Im Yong and Mrs. Lee Seon Ae in 1978, under the founding philosophy of ‘Development of the nation by educating human resources’.

Since then, in spite of its short history, Sehwa Girls’ High School has established the status of the most prestigious school in Korea. It has cultivated great females of ability, among more than 20,000 graduates.

I believe that the important mindset for us at this moment is to prepare for the future.

Instead of staying in the present with relaxation or just maintaining the current status, planning the future you have dreamed of so far precisely with the subject of ‘Development and Changes’ can be the background for you to be able to board the ship named “Hope” and “Achievement”, and finally to navigate wherever you wish to go.

All the teachers and staff in our schoolare doing their best to educate the students to grow up to be intelligent global leaders, with the warmth in their heart.

I look forward to your continuous interest, warm encouragements and advice for our school and we will try our best to be a greater school and to contribute to the society and country. Thank you.

Principal, Kim Heung Ki