Special Programs

세화여자고등학교에 오신것을 환영합니다.

1. Education of adaptation activity for new pupils

▸ Bringing up talent with the 21st century needs
▸ Training study strategy and challenging mind-set by time and environment management
▸ Lecture’s theme: Who leads the globe?
  • - the method to be the leader who communicates with the world - the life for oneself
    - the life of contribution
▸ Program of progression
  • - drawing a big image of life
    - my studying style and study project
    - making a portfolio about 3 years of high school life
    - school information and courtesy education
    - studying method told by teachers
    - school’s club information
    - love connection and a definitive promise

2. Diverse and Characteristic Creativeness Education

(1) Reading the newspaper in the morning time

  • ▸ Improvement of ability to read and an increase in critical thinking skills
    ▸ Expansion of statement as well as interviewing
    ▸ Expansion of understanding to adjust studies and communication

(2) Career Guidance

  • ▸ Formation Scholastic Ability Test preparation special lecture, combination statement class
    ▸ Central and phased entrance examination analysis
    ▸ Consult about career and education
    ▸ Management of ‘Career Day Experience’
    ▸ Cyclical ‘mentor’ activity with seniors

(3) Two activities for One person

  • ▸ Understanding physical movement, artistic sensibility, and expansion of creativeness
    ▸ Stress extermination and cultivation of upright emotion
    ▸ Acquirement of correct etiquette to cultivate sociality, cooperation, and responsibility
    ▸ Sound hobby activities and contribution to mind education

(4) Reinforcing creative experience activity

  • ▸ Adaptation to school and the formation of basic lifestyle.
    ▸ Self-directed activity by various events
    ▸ Characteristic activities well-matching with the school’s tradition and students’ tendency

(5) Club activity, Hosoo festival-expansion of potential ability and base of self-realization

  • ▸ 50 clubs to enforce aptitude and hobby activities
    ▸ Club activity presentation – a chance to share things learned for a year
    ▸ Hosoo festival: student council-focused school festival

(6) Aptitude exploitation program

  • ▸ 50 clubs to enforce aptitude and hobby activities
    ▸ Club activity presentation – a chance to share things learned for a year
    ▸ Hosoo festival: student council-focused school festival
    Period: summer vacation and winter vacation
    Object: 1st and 2nd graders who desire Math camp (Joy math! Good math!) Fun Science Camp (Attractivus Scire Campus!) Social camp(Current affairs debate camp) Career finding camp (Finding your dream in books) Leadership camp French camp (C’est ci bon!) Chinese camp (Huanying Ni camp) Japanese camp (Oishii Nihongo camp) Tradition culture camp UCC camp (Sehwa story camp) GS camp (Teen camp) Imitation international conference camp

3. Sehwa network with sympathy, harmony and trust

(1) Extension of opportunity of various experience activities and interchange learning

  • ▸ Cultivation of autonomy and practice through training in a body
    ▸ National history and culture activity, international culture activity, actual spot experience activity
    ▸ Set up a sisterhood relationship between international high schools in Japan and China

(2) Enhancement of adaptation activity

  • ▸ Operation and Planning of adaptation activity with various context
    ▸ Construction of organic system of operation and adaptation activity
    ▸ Designing one’s future through inviting famous people and seniors
    ▸ Lecture for specific career exploration and strengthening practice

(3) Sehwa parents’ support group activity

  • ▸ Reinforcement through school and parents' organic relationship
    ▸ Extension of educational outcome through support of parents
    ▸ Special lecture about meals and students' future
    ▸ Briefing session targeted to parents every semester

(4) Sehwa mobile school

  • ▸ Guidance about school agenda and educational information
    ▸ Uplifting the school’s credibility by smooth conversation with parents
    ▸ Raising educational efficiency by creating a mobile community

4. Diverse education program enhancing ability and competence

(1) SWC (Sehwa Weekend Class)

  • ▸ Establishment of various Saturday programs
    ▸ Solvation of deepening learning desire in school and cultivation of self-leading studying ability
    ▸ Homework investigation class: Economics, high quality foreign language, math, science experiments
    ▸ After school: Korean, English, Math, Natural Science, Social studies

(2) Further study

  • ▸ Acceptance of desire and guidance for further study at school
    ▸ Selection of students out of applicants who are above a certain level in Korean, math, and English.

(3) Management of selection-centered educational procedure

  • ▸ Consideration of student’s individual needs
    ▸ Second foreign language: Japanese, French, and Chinese
    ▸ Efficient management of creative experiential activities

(4) Differentiated classes

  • ▸ Offering of separated study and self-directed study program
    ▸ Running effective departmentalized class system
    ▸ Carrying out differentiated classes and classes using self-produced textbook

5. Social education

(1) Students’ self-government association

  • ▸ Attaining school cultural values by student council
    ▸ Activation of class operation’s class reunion
    ▸ Gathering opinions by class reunion

(2) Rearing sound students’ life culture by exemplary student system

  • ▸ Stringent law discipline, good deed, study, volunteer
    ▸ issuing an exemplary behavior card to students using the black marks system

(3) Reading capability development

  • ▸ Measurement of reading capacity by school competitive reading contest
    ▸ reading required books
    ▸ submitting a statement after reading current affairs.

6. Healthy activities to develop a positive mind

(1) Daily physical activities activation and Sehwa’s sports club

  • ▸ Bringing up a lifetime’s physical training by various sports activities
    ▸ Volleyball club – home for professional players who show good outcomes in nation-wide competitions
    ▸ On-ice club - enhancing national glory in various international competition
    ▸ Golf club – showing off Sehwa’s fame on the LPGA Green

(2) Neulpum class – program to fix one’s way

  • ▸ Period – holding at a fixed period during the semester
    ▸ Place of meeting – using school and other external organizations
    ▸ For 1st and 2nd grade applicants

(3) Sehwa Hanmadang – Group Activity Program

  • 1) Sports Competition
  • * Period: 2015~
    * Place: Banpo Sports Complex
    * Participants: 1st, 2nd graders
    * Events: jumping large rope, tug-of-war, dodge ball (1st graders), kickball(2nd graders), relay race, ball rolling match
  • 2) Ski Camp
  • * Period: 2015~
    * Place: Yongpyeong Ski Resort
    * Participants: applicants among 1st,2nd,3rdgraders

(4) Cultivation of global leaders through Health & Physical strength Class

  • ▸ Understanding one’s enhancement and change of physical ability by making personal portfolio
    ▸ Enhancement of cooperation spirit, fair-play spirit, and self-esteem
    ▸ Period / Participants: during the semester, vacation / applicants
    ▸ Operation contents: musical jump rope, stretch, ballet stretch, power-walking, interval training, power gym class, yoga, flying disk (golf game), circuit training, musical Thera-band exercise, Pilates, netball